Net­Co Body-Cams
De-escala­ti­on Ins­tead Of Just Documentation 

Pre­ven­ti­on is the best pro­tec­tion for your staff.
Our body worn came­ra with front dis­play de-escala­tes cri­ti­cal situa­tions & pre­vents assaults in up to 75 % of cases.

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Pre­ven­ti­on is the best pro­tec­tion for your staff.
Our body worn came­ra with front dis­play de-escala­tes cri­ti­cal situa­tions & pre­vents assaults in up to 75 % of cases.

Employee Pro­tec­tion Cos­ts Time & Money.
Wit­hout It, Cos­ts are even higher! 

Ordnungsamt Mitarbeitende nutzen Body-Cams

One Step Ahead 

The lar­ge front dis­play of the Net­Co body came­ras with its mir­ror func­tion starts even befo­re an escala­ti­on. Aggres­si­ve per­sons are imme­dia­te­ly con­fron­ted with their own beha­vi­or. This is fol­lo­wed by the chan­ce to reflect and per­cei­ve pos­si­ble con­se­quen­ces. In this way, cri­mes are pre­ven­ted ins­tead of just documented.

But What About Data Protection?

“In no other coun­try is the use of body came­ras so hea­vi­ly regu­la­ted by data pro­tec­tion. As the only Ger­man manu­fac­tu­rer on the mar­ket, we know exact­ly how to achie­ve GDPR-com­pli­ant use.”

Dr. Mat­thi­as Hagner/CEO Net­Co Pro­fes­sio­nal Ser­vices GmbH

Your Safe­ty Is Our Motivation

Polizei-Bremen Logo
NetCo Body-Cam bei Polizei

Sin­ce 2018, the Bre­men poli­ce have trus­ted NetCo’s body came­ras as a relia­ble means of deploy­ment with a long bat­tery life.

Logo Duisburg Ordnungsamt
Ordnungsamt Duisburg im Einsatz mit NetCo Body-Cams

“So far, the feed­back from our emer­gen­cy forces in their dai­ly use of the body worn came­ra has been con­sis­t­ent­ly posi­ti­ve.“
Frank van Staa, depart­ment head

Logo Wiener Linien
Wiener Linien setzt auf die NetCo Body-Cams im ÖPNV

Wie­ner Lini­en noti­ced a de-escala­ti­on in 50% of the cases by swit­ching on the display.

The Choice Is Yours: Cus­to­mi­zed Body Came­ras Solutions

Data Hos­ting

Piktogramm - Daten-Hosting

Hos­ting with Net­Co ensu­res that the latest IT infra­struc­tu­re secu­ri­ty & GDPR requi­re­ments are relia­bly met. Alter­na­tively, you can also store & mana­ge all data in your own ser­ver structure.

Cus­to­mi­zed Accessories

Piktogramm individuelle Halterungen für die Body-Cam

The Net­Co body worn came­ra can be atta­ched to all sys­tems of the well-known sup­pli­ers (Peter Jones, Ger­man-Fire-Tech). On request we adapt access­ories to your needs.

Body Came­ras Manage­ment Software

Piktogramm - Body-Cam Management Software

The Net­Co Suite soft­ware is cus­to­mizable. It can be inte­gra­ted into any cus­to­mer net­work in a secu­re & legal­ly com­pli­ant man­ner. It is also com­pa­ti­ble with other body cameras.

Rent Or Buy

Piktogramm - Mieten oder Kaufen

You deci­de whe­ther you want to buy Net­Co body worn came­ra solu­ti­ons or bene­fit from our attrac­ti­ve ren­tal model.

This Is How Easy It Is

Anrufen um Baustellen-Webcam zu bestellen - Grafik

Step 1

Book a free con­sul­ta­ti­on with one of our expe­ri­en­ced account mana­gers & get indi­vi­du­al advice on your body came­ras project.

Piktogramm - Body-Cam Testkit

Step 2

Dive deeper into the Net­Co body came­ras uni­ver­se & get a detail­ed over­view of our offer. At the end you will get a free test kit that will con­vin­ce you.

Piktogramm - erfolgreicher Mitarbeiterschutz

Step 3

Whe­ther you buy or rent, start your body worn came­ra pro­ject & invest in the pro­tec­tion of your employees. For advice & sup­port, we always remain as a part­ner at your side.

Use Of Body Came­ras Pays Off

Glücklicher NetCo Body-Cam Träger


only by acti­vat­ing
the dis­play

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