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This Is NetCo

WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY! Net­Co is an owner-mana­ged IT com­pa­ny with 50+ employees and main loca­ti­ons in Blan­ken­burg (Harz) and Mag­de­burg. We deve­lop inno­va­ti­ve hard­ware and soft­ware solu­ti­ons in the  field of body cams & came­ra sys­tems for con­s­truc­tion site documentation.

The love of tech­no­lo­gy & deve­lo­p­ment is part of our DNA and unites all employees at the core. This love crea­tes com­plex pro­ducts and solu­ti­ons which always deli­ver the best pos­si­ble result for our cus­to­mers. Our ser­vices cover all steps from plan­ning to com­mis­sio­ning of our came­ra solutions.

Our Pro­ducts & Services

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Con­s­truc­tion Site Cameras

Net­Co con­s­truc­tion site came­ras are used on con­s­truc­tion sites and docu­ments the con­s­truc­tion pro­gress. With BauTV+ you always have your con­s­truc­tion site in view. Upon request, we will crea­te a pro­fes­sio­nal time lap­se video of your con­s­truc­tion site and pro­vi­de you with addi­tio­nal visu­al mate­ri­al. As your full-ser­vice pro­vi­der, you don’t have to worry about any­thing — we take care of ever­y­thing from set-up and dis­mant­ling to moni­to­ring the came­ra technology.

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Body Cams

Net­Co Body Cams are deve­lo­ped, pro­du­ced and dis­tri­bu­ted tog­e­ther with the Net­Co Suite at our inno­va­ti­on head­quar­ter Blan­ken­burg (Ger­ma­ny). This makes it a genui­ne “made in Ger­ma­ny” pro­duct. The small high-tech came­ra is used in the poli­ce, public trans­port and  secu­ri­ty sec­tors and de-escala­tes con­flic­tu­al situa­tions. In addi­ti­on, it coll­ects evi­dence during incidents.

Micro­vis­ta, A Part Of NetCo

NetCo’s sis­ter com­pa­ny — Micro­vis­ta GmbH — is a proud part of the Net­Co fami­ly. As a ser­vice pro­vi­der in the field of indus­tri­al com­pu­ted tomo­gra­phy, we check com­pon­ents for defects with our sta­te-of-the-art CTs.

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