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    Advan­ta­ge: Maintenance

    After a ren­tal peri­od of 24 months, all body cams go back to Net­Co for main­ten­an­ce, ensu­ring you always have the best pos­si­ble user experience.


    Deter­mi­ne Indi­vi­du­al Pri­ce With Consultation

    When deter­mi­ning the purcha­se pri­ce, it plays a role, among other things, whe­ther you want to use your own ser­ver or that of Net­Co. In addi­ti­on, we can offer you a more favorable pri­ce for a purcha­se with incre­asing purcha­se quantity.

    Body-Cam Menge-Preis-Verhältnis

    Strea­ming Package

    The strea­ming packa­ge can be added both when ren­ting and buy­ing Net­Co body cams. With this packa­ge, you will recei­ve a SIM card from Tele­kom in addi­ti­on to the body cam. With this it is pos­si­ble for you to view the recor­dings of the body cam in real time in the Net­Co Suite

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