Access­ories For The Body Cam

NRW erlaubt Body-Cams für Ordnungsämter

Net­Co offers more than just body cams. We pro­vi­de our cus­to­mers with per­fect­ly adapt­ed access­ories for every chall­enge — from came­ra char­ging sta­ti­ons (Smart­Hubs) to moun­ting opti­ons for dif­fe­rent uni­forms and pur­po­ses. Almost all mounts are equip­ped with a klick fast sys­tem that ensu­res quick and easy attach­ment of the body cam.


The robust Smart­Hubs enable char­ging of the Net­Co body cams. At the same time, plug­ging the came­ras into the Smart­Hub auto­ma­ti­cal­ly logs out the user and trans­fers the recor­ded images and vide­os to the manage­ment sys­tem.  The­re is no need for fail­ure-pro­ne jacks for a cable con­nec­tion to the manage­ment sys­tem or access to SIM cards or sto­rage media by ope­ning flaps on the housing. The manage­ment sys­tem sup­ports the aut­ho­ri­zed ope­ra­tor with various search functions.

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1er SmartHub mit einer Body-Cam
1er SmartHub für eine Body-Cam
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7er SmartHub ohne Body-Cams
7er SmartHub mit Body-Cams

Cus­tom Holders

The Net­Co Body-Cam can be atta­ched to the moun­ting sys­tems of the well-known sup­pli­ers (Klick Fast by Peter Jones, Ger­man-Fire-Tech, Go-Pro). On request, we con­s­truct hol­ders that are tail­o­red to your needs — optio­nal­ly with tabs, clamps, magnets or Vel­cro. An addi­tio­nal flap field for information/name pla­tes can also be integrated.

Body-Cam Halterung

Klick Fast Hol­der With But­tons For Mol­le Vests 

Klick Fast Halterung mit Schlaufen und Flauschfeld

Klick Fast Hol­der With Loops And Fleece Field 

Klick Fast Druckknopfschlaufe kurz

Klick Fast Hol­der With Push But­tons Short

Klick Fast Schraubhalterung

Klick Fast Hol­der For Screwing

Klick Fast Halterung zum Klemmen

Klick Fast Hol­der For Clamping 

Klick Fast Halterung mit Lederschlaufe für die Gürtelbefestigung

Klick Fast Hol­der With Lea­ther Loop 

Klick Fast Halterung mit Klett

Klick Fast Hol­der With Velcro

Klick Fast Halterung 3-Punkt-Schultergurt

Klick Fast Hol­der 3‑Point Should­er Harness

Klick Fast Halterung mit Magneten (mitte)

Klick Fast Hol­der With Magnets (Cen­ter)

Remo­te Activation

The optio­nal remo­te acti­va­ti­on func­tion of the Net­Co Body Cam was deve­lo­ped from a cus­to­mer request. If a wea­rer of the body cam draws an object (e.g. pis­tol, baton or taser), a recor­ding is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly star­ted. This gua­ran­tees a video recor­ding even in par­ti­cu­lar­ly deman­ding situa­tions and makes it so that the event can be eva­lua­ted afterwards.