Con­s­truc­tion Site Came­ra FAQ

The use of came­ras on con­s­truc­tion sites can rai­se many ques­ti­ons, espe­ci­al­ly if you have never had to deal with them befo­re. The easie­st way is to sim­ply ask us!

We try to ans­wer the most com­mon ques­ti­ons here already:

FAQ - Piktogramm

Con­s­truc­tion site docu­men­ta­ti­on means:

  • Obser­ving the con­s­truc­tion pro­gress with one or more (usual­ly wide-ang­le) came­ras via the internet.
  • During the con­s­truc­tion pha­se, you can quick­ly and easi­ly get an update on what is hap­pe­ning on site.
  • Site mana­gers in par­ti­cu­lar can thus keep an eye on seve­ral con­s­truc­tion sites and save them­sel­ves long journeys.
  • Inves­tors and their backers see that their money is “working.”
  • A con­s­truc­tion site came­ra is a popu­lar mar­ke­ting tool for buil­ders to crea­te a time-lap­se movie at the end of the pro­ject, for example.

Con­s­truc­tion site moni­to­ring means:

  • Buil­ding owners and con­s­truc­tion com­pa­nies want to pro­tect their con­s­truc­tion site, espe­ci­al­ly against theft & vandalism.
  • If this occurs, an alarm should be rai­sed imme­dia­te­ly so that the per­pe­tra­tors are caught, or at least disturbed.
  • Video sur­veil­lan­ce on the con­s­truc­tion site works accor­ding to the trap­per prin­ci­ple or by means of vir­tu­al fences.
  • Con­s­truc­tion site moni­to­ring is not saving indi­vi­du­al images at night on an unlit con­s­truc­tion site.

Basi­cal­ly, this ques­ti­on can be ans­we­red with “Yes, but…”:
An important note in advan­ce: Net­Co is not allo­wed to give legal advice. Howe­ver, Net­Co inten­si­ve­ly deals with this topic so that you can use our solu­ti­ons with a clear conscience.

The right loca­ti­on is cru­cial and the field of view of the camera:

  • When using came­ra sys­tems, you should always careful­ly check the site con­di­ti­ons. If you want to docu­ment the con­s­truc­tion pro­gress of your com­mer­cial pro­per­ty, the came­ra should only cap­tu­re your pro­per­ty and public are­as should not be visible.
  • You should make sure that the came­ra is posi­tio­ned in such a way that peo­p­le can­not be cle­ar­ly iden­ti­fied. Of cour­se, this can­not always be avoided.

Anony­miza­ti­on of indi­vi­du­al recordings

  • Peo­p­le are pixel­a­ted and not com­ple­te­ly remo­ved. This way you always have a full over­view of what is hap­pe­ning on the con­s­truc­tion site.
  • Buil­dings, public streets & squa­res can be made per­ma­nent­ly unrecognizable.

Prin­ci­ples of the GDPR

  • A con­tract for com­mis­sio­ned data pro­ces­sing in accordance with Artic­le 28 GDPR regu­la­tes the con­trac­tu­al obli­ga­ti­ons in order to be able to ope­ra­te the came­ra solu­ti­on in com­pli­ance with the law. Don’t panic! The­re are sui­ta­ble tem­pla­tes that our employees will adapt tog­e­ther with you so that this con­tract can be con­cluded quick­ly and easily.
  • A sepa­ra­te docu­ment descri­bes the tech­ni­cal and orga­niza­tio­nal mea­su­res that Net­Co has taken, in accordance with requi­re­ment Artic­le 55 of the GDPR.

Whe­ther you rent or buy a con­s­truc­tion site web­cam depends on various fac­tors. We will glad­ly advi­se you here.

Why should you rent?

  • Out­door came­ra sys­tems for con­s­truc­tion sites can be expensive.
  • Short pro­ject dura­ti­ons of less than 18 months are usual­ly more favorable in the total pri­ce in the case of a lease.
  • With a ren­tal you don’t have to worry about war­ran­ty & service.
  • Com­mer­ci­al­ly, ren­ting can make sen­se, as the cos­ts can be writ­ten off imme­dia­te­ly (no investment).
  • Through our ren­tal pool you always have access to the latest tech­no­lo­gies and dif­fe­rent systems.

Why should you buy?

  • You want to use the came­ra sys­tem in seve­ral suc­ces­si­ve projects.
  • Tax reasons speak for a purcha­se — the came­ra can be a capi­tal good — depre­cia­ti­on pos­si­ble for up to 4 years.
  • You are fami­li­ar with the tech­no­lo­gy and do not need any fur­ther exter­nal sup­port for your projects.

At Net­Co you can deci­de who installs the system:

Self-assem­bly by own staff:

You know “Do it yours­elf” from adver­ti­sing. Basi­cal­ly this is also true for our came­ra solu­ti­ons. Net­Co deli­vers rea­dy con­fi­gu­red sys­tems via DHL, which can be instal­led and put into ope­ra­ti­on by your staff. During com­mis­sio­ning Net­Co pro­vi­des sup­port by pho­ne or remo­te access.

Net­Co Full Service:

Howe­ver, came­ra instal­la­ti­on sites are often inac­ces­si­ble wit­hout addi­tio­nal aids such as working plat­forms or lad­ders. Safe­ty regu­la­ti­ons on the con­s­truc­tion site requi­re that only trai­ned per­son­nel can car­ry out the instal­la­ti­on. Net­Co installs nati­on­wi­de or Euro­pe-wide. If you want, you don’t have to worry about any­thing. From the plan­ning to the deli­very of the per­fect came­ra image Net­Co takes over all ser­vices, inclu­ding GDPR handling.

Net­Co also does not send you exter­nal com­pa­nies or sub­con­trac­tors. Trai­ned pro­fes­sio­nals come direct­ly to you.

Ans­we­red quite simply:

The risk of theft and/or van­da­lism is trans­fer­red to the cli­ent when the ren­tal item is recei­ved by the cli­ent. The­re are pos­si­bi­li­ties to cover such a sys­tem via your con­s­truc­tion site insu­rance. This must be cla­ri­fied in each indi­vi­du­al case.
The loca­ti­on of the sys­tem is often decisi­ve for the risk.

The­re are defi­ni­te­ly are­as of appli­ca­ti­on whe­re a GoPro or Brin­no came­ra can be useful. Of cour­se, the­se pro­ducts are in a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent pri­ce cate­go­ry. You should think about the fol­lo­wing ques­ti­ons more inten­si­ve­ly if you are plan­ning a long-term documentation.

  1. Are my recor­dings stored safely?
  2. What hap­pens to the recor­dings if the came­ra is sto­len or defective?
  3. How is it gua­ran­teed that the came­ra will be powered for seve­ral months/years wit­hout me having to chan­ge batteries?
  4. What if the came­ra is dis­con­nec­ted from the power sup­p­ly or does not take any pic­tures? Does anyo­ne noti­ce this?
  5. Can I access the recor­dings remo­te­ly during the con­s­truc­tion phase?
  6. What if the came­ra memo­ry card is full?
  7. What about data pro­tec­tion requirements?
  8. Who (relia­bly) takes care of the came­ra sys­tem during the enti­re pro­ject duration?

Net­Co has the right answers:

  • But­ton bearbeiten

Nowa­days, high-reso­lu­ti­on usual­ly means that the con­s­truc­tion site web­cam deli­vers images in the so-cal­led full HD reso­lu­ti­on. Just like you know it from your TV at home. The­se came­ras have an image for­mat of 1980*1080 pixels (1080p) and are exact­ly the models that are usual­ly included in the stan­dard offer of Net­Co.
Alter­na­tively we offer the so-cal­led “4K came­ras”, which have a reso­lu­ti­on of 3840*2160 pixels, or 8 megapixels.

When it comes to ana­ly­zing many details in the image, you will reach its limits with a Full HD came­ra. Then it makes sen­se to think about the use of SLR came­ras, whe­re images are pro­du­ced from 24 megapixels.

If you want to deal more inten­si­ve­ly with this topic “reso­lu­ti­on & mega­pi­xels”, you can find com­pres­sed ans­wers to this on Wiki­pe­dia: direct link

As with pho­to­gra­phy, the loca­ti­on for the came­ra is a cru­cial point.
In the offer plan­ning, it is very important for us to talk with you about the con­s­truc­tion pro­ject and the came­ra loca­ti­on.
Basi­cal­ly, the con­s­truc­tion site web­cam can be moun­ted almost any­whe­re. Con­s­truc­tion site con­tai­ners, flat roofs, con­s­truc­tion signs or cra­nes are popu­lar. If all the­se pos­si­bi­li­ties are out of the ques­ti­on, our mobi­le pole solu­ti­on may help. This has to be dis­cus­sed in each indi­vi­du­al case.

Ano­ther important ques­ti­on is: Is the­re elec­tri­ci­ty near­by? If not, no pro­blem, then a self-suf­fi­ci­ent solar solu­ti­on is the solution.

The ques­ti­on is some­what sub­jec­ti­ve, but we try to give you objec­ti­ve reasons why Net­Co is a good choice:

  1. Expe­ri­ence: The employees of Net­Co know the mar­ket and the requi­re­ments for a came­ra solu­ti­on: The first web­cam was instal­led by Net­Co alre­a­dy in 1999 on the Bro­cken, the hig­hest moun­tain in the north. Sin­ce then, seve­ral thousand came­ras have been instal­led, which have docu­men­ted almost ever­y­thing from a fami­ly home to a Bon Jovi con­cert to the “Tower One” in Frankfurt.
  2. Bin­ding: You will imme­dia­te­ly recei­ve an appro­pria­te offer. Indi­vi­du­al­ly tail­o­red to your buil­ding pro­ject, at a pri­ce that is alre­a­dy fixed at the begin­ning. The­re are no hid­den addi­tio­nal cos­ts, sup­ple­ments or small print.
  3. Fast: After pla­cing the order, the sys­tem can be instal­led within a few days. Ship­ping sys­tems are available from stock.
  4. Fle­xi­ble: A con­s­truc­tion site often holds sur­pri­ses in store. The employees of Net­Co are awa­re of this and usual­ly have a good solu­ti­on to the pro­blem at hand. 
  5. Com­pe­tence: Net­Co has a com­pe­tent team: more than 10 employees work in sales & ser­vice for came­ra solutions.
  6. Qua­li­ty: Behind the came­ra team are 15 qua­li­fied soft­ware & hard­ware deve­lo­pers who are con­stant­ly deve­lo­ping the pro­ducts and solu­ti­ons. The came­ra sys­tems con­sist of high-qua­li­ty com­pon­ents, tes­ted for con­ti­nuous operation.
  7. Relia­ble: Net­Co has been ope­ra­ting on the mar­ket sin­ce 1997 in various busi­ness are­as. Many of the employees have been with the com­pa­ny for more than 20 years.  The­re is hard­ly any fluc­tua­ti­on. Net­Co has always trai­ned its own juni­or staff.

Net­Co employees are DREAMERS, THINKERS, DOERS — we live our com­pa­ny motto!

Cont­act us for any fur­ther Questions!