Con­s­truc­tion site mar­ke­ting: Com­mu­ni­ca­te the right way with videos

Con­s­truc­tion site vide­os in the mar­ke­ting funnel

In order to car­ry out suc­cessful con­s­truc­tion site mar­ke­ting, all pha­ses of the mar­ke­ting fun­nel should be cover­ed with appro­pria­te content.

In the awa­re­ness pha­se, poten­ti­al cus­to­mers should be made awa­re of the com­pa­ny and its offe­ring. For exam­p­le, trai­lers or adver­ti­se­ments can be used to awa­ken the customer’s interest.

In the con­side­ra­ti­on pha­se, the cus­to­mer takes a clo­ser look at the offer and com­pa­res it with other opti­ons. The­r­e­fo­re, infor­ma­ti­on about the bene­fits and qua­li­ty of the offer should be com­mu­ni­ca­ted. This can be achie­ved, for exam­p­le, with expl­ana­to­ry films and inter­view videos.

In the con­ver­si­on pha­se, pro­duct clips and web­i­nars can bring the cus­to­mer to the final purcha­se decision.

Time-lap­se & live­streams are sui­ta­ble in all mar­ke­ting pha­ses and can be com­bi­ned very well with other video types.

Marketing für Baustellen mit Videos - Marketingfunnel

Time-lap­se vide­os in con­s­truc­tion site marketing

“A pic­tu­re is worth 1,000 words” is a well-known say­ing. What more can more than 1,000 pic­tures say? Com­plex pro­ces­ses that take many months in rea­li­ty can be shown in a few minu­tes with time-lap­se vide­os. By their spe­cial cha­rac­te­ristic of time-lap­se vide­os to docu­ment the con­s­truc­tion of a buil­ding, they can be used in all pha­ses of the mar­ke­ting funnel. 
Play Video about Timel­ap­se-Kame­ra zeich­net Bau­stel­le auf — Titel­bild für Video

Con­s­truc­tion site com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with live streams

Live­streams docu­men­ting the con­s­truc­tion of a buil­ding can be used on various mar­ke­ting chan­nels, giving users from any­whe­re in the world the com­fort of kno­wing they’ll be the first to see the pro­gress and won’t miss a thing.

Why vide­os should not be miss­ing in con­s­truc­tion site communication

Vide­os explain com­plex facts

Accor­ding to a For­res­ter stu­dy, one minu­te of a video is as effec­ti­ve as 1.8 mil­li­on words. Pre­su­ma­b­ly, the trend will con­ti­nue. Think about how many times you’­ve wat­ched various tuto­ri­als on You­Tube or how suc­cessful the launch of Reels and Tik­Toks has been.

Vide­os impro­ve your on-page SEO

One ran­king fac­tor of Goog­le is the avera­ge time of visi­tors on the web­site. Short & infor­ma­ti­ve vide­os can not only gene­ra­te a lot of traf­fic, but also increase this time. Accor­ding to rese­arch, inter­net users spend 88% more time in web­sites with videos.

Ever­y­bo­dy loves videos

Obtai­ning infor­ma­ti­on as quick­ly as pos­si­ble with litt­le effort — that’s what vide­os pro­vi­de. This is pro­ba­b­ly one reason why video con­tent accounts for a good third of Inter­net usa­ge. Accor­ding to the Media Acti­vi­ty Gui­de 2022, 14- to 69-year-old Ger­mans wat­ched an avera­ge of 34 minu­tes of free online vide­os every day in 2022.

Vide­os bene­fit from mobi­le boom

Smart­phones make it pos­si­ble to watch vide­os any­ti­me, any­whe­re. Glo­bal mobi­le data traf­fic increased more than 8 times bet­ween 2017 and 2022, with video traf­fic accoun­ting for a majo­ri­ty of this increase. Traf­fic increased more than 10 times over the same five-year period.

Secu­re your gui­de to con­s­truc­tion site mar­ke­ting with vide­os now

The fol­lo­wing con­tent awaits you:

Get an over­view of 9 types of vide­os and how they fit into the mar­ke­ting fun­nel. Learn how time-lap­se and live­streams can be ide­al­ly used in your con­s­truc­tion site com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Learn ever­y­thing you need to know to suc­cessful­ly launch con­s­truc­tion site mar­ke­ting with video con­tent using over 5 best prac­ti­ces from seve­ral companies.