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1. Sep­tem­ber 2020

Body-Cam Produktion "made in Germany"

Die Net­Co Body-Cam ist ein „made in Ger­ma­ny“ Pro­dukt und wird bei uns am Haupt­stand­ort in Blan­ken­burg (Harz) her­ge­stellt. Unser Pro­duk­ti­ons­lei­ter Tors­ten beant­wor­tet für Sie die am häu­figs­ten gestell­ten Fragen.

How long does it take to pro­du­ce a body cam?

How long the body-cam pro­duc­tion takes depends on whe­ther it is an assem­bly of pre­fa­b­ri­ca­ted body-cam parts or an assem­bly with body-cam indi­vi­du­al parts. A stan­dard body cam con­sists of 47 indi­vi­du­al parts. If you were to assem­ble only one body cam, you would need about 2.5 hours. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, we work most­ly with pre­fa­b­ri­ca­ted assem­bly sets that con­sist of 7 parts. In addi­ti­on, the­re are 5 screws that con­nect the two hal­ves of the body cam. With the­se, a sin­gle body cam can be made in less than 30 minu­tes. Gene­ral­ly, howe­ver, at least 10 body cams are always assem­bled at the same time in order to fur­ther redu­ce the pro­duc­tion time through rou­ti­ne work processes.

Whe­re are the com­pon­ents of a body cam sourced from?

Das ist eine ein­fa­che Ant­wort – aus Deutsch­land natürlich!

Die Haupt­kom­po­nen­ten der Net­Co Body-Cam kom­men von Zulie­fe­rern aus dem Umkreis von weni­ger als 100km. Nur der Akku wird von einem Part­ner an der Nord­see­küs­te gelie­fert. Was die Klein­tei­le betrifft – also die Elek­tro­nik – müs­sen wir auf Mate­ri­al aus Asi­en zurück­grei­fen, da Deutsch­land kaum noch eige­ne Fer­ti­gungs­stre­cken für elek­tro­ni­sche Bau­ele­men­te besitzt. Wir blei­ben aber opti­mis­tisch, dass sich dies in Zukunft wie­der ändert.

What can be cus­to­mi­sed on the Body Cam?

Wir haben schon sehr vie­le Body-Cam Pro­jek­te umge­setzt und für unse­re Kun­den indi­vi­du­el­le Body-Cams ange­fer­tigt. Ein Kun­de hat sich bei­spiels­wei­se eine Vari­an­te ohne Touch-Dis­play. Genau dar­in liegt unse­re Stär­ke – wir lie­fern dem Kun­den, was er für sei­nen Body-Cam Ein­satz wünscht/ braucht. Und dafür haben wir das Ohr am Markt, tau­schen uns regel­mä­ßig mit unse­ren Kun­den aus, also genau mit denen, die die Body-Cam tag­täg­lich einsetzen.

In the mean­ti­me, our cus­to­mers can choo­se from dif­fe­rent bat­te­ries and car­ry­ing sys­tems. The cus­to­mer can limit the dura­ti­on of use via the bat­te­ry and thus also deter­mi­ne the weight of the came­ra. For the car­ry­ing sys­tem, we offer two vari­ants, each of which gives the cus­to­mer access to a reper­toire of over 20 dif­fe­rent moun­ting vari­ants for the body cam. So we don’t do clas­sic mass production!

How is qua­li­ty assuran­ce done?

Intern­al­ly, we have a strict qua­li­ty pro­cess that every col­league who assem­bles body cams must adhe­re to. Nevertheless, we test every body cam again befo­re deli­very, becau­se: Errors can occur in any manu­al pro­duc­tion, even though the past has shown that assem­bly errors hard­ly ever occur due to the com­pa­ra­tively simp­le body cam structure.

What hap­pens to the sen­si­ti­ve cus­to­mer vide­os if a body cam needs to be repaired?

During a body cam repair, we do not come into con­ta­ct with cus­to­mer vide­os, as the­se are encryp­ted and can only be decryp­ted via the user account of the body cam. Only the cus­to­mer has access to this account to ensu­re that no third par­ties can access the body cam recordings.

How is the issue of sus­taina­bi­li­ty and resour­ce con­ser­va­ti­on dealt with in Body-Cam production?

The Net­Co Body-Cam was deve­lo­ped in such a way that we can replace each indi­vi­du­al part. This means that the com­pon­ents of a body cam can be reu­sed as often as necessa­ry until the wear limit or elec­tro­nic obso­le­scence has been reached.

Im Nor­mal­fall wird bei einer Body-Cam – wie bei jedem ande­ren tech­ni­schen Gerät auch – nach eini­ger Zeit der Akku ersetzt.

On a cur­rent occa­si­on: How does body-cam pro­duc­tion deal with the issue of corona?

In accordance with our hygie­ne gui­de­li­nes, all body cams are dis­in­fec­ted befo­re they are ship­ped. The body cams or other com­pon­ents of the body cam are trea­ted with com­mer­cial­ly avail­ab­le dis­in­fec­tants and then packed directly.

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