Net­Co Pro­fes­sio­nal Ser­vices GmbH has been deve­lo­ping, pro­du­cing and dis­tri­bu­ting the Net­Co Body Cam with a lar­ge, de-escala­ting front dis­play for seve­ral years now. In order to be able to address all com­pa­nies in the secu­ri­ty indus­try, Net­Co is brea­king new (sales) ground.

Some com­pa­nies have been hesi­tant to purcha­se body cams so far: the small came­ras, which can be obtai­ned from Net­Co tog­e­ther with a data pro­tec­tion com­pli­ant soft­ware, have been too expen­si­ve for many so far. In addi­ti­on, many com­pa­nies would like to try out the body cam first befo­re deci­ding to buy one.

Use The Body Cams Cost-Effectively!

Net­Co now makes it pos­si­ble! The new busi­ness model includes a ren­tal con­cept: inte­res­ted com­pa­nies recei­ve the body cam and Smart­Hub free of char­ge and only pay 50€/month for the soft­ware usa­ge. The con­tract runs for at least one year, becau­se only then can a relia­ble decis­i­on be made as to whe­ther the body cam is the right tool for the com­pa­ny. Other ser­vices such as strea­ming must also be paid for separately.

Net­Co has also come up with a spe­cial extra for its cus­to­mers: as a body cam deve­lo­per with inde­pen­dent pro­duc­tion, Net­Co replaces the hard­ware every two years so that com­pa­nies can always use the latest tech­no­lo­gy. In this way, Net­Co also recei­ves regu­lar feed­back in order to be able to con­stant­ly impro­ve the body cam.

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