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15 July 2019

DSGVO-konformes Verpixeln

NetCo construction site webcams only store legally compliant data

NetCo has successfully installed several thousand camera systems for construction progress documentation since 2003, making it one of the market leaders in this segment. Also often referred to as time-lapse cameras, these systems save individual images at regular intervals for further processing.

The photographs usually show not only the construction site but also surrounding buildings, public roads and people.

If people are not identifiable, the public areas are statically pixelated. Practically, a mask is placed over the original image. This works both for individual images and for live streams. However, this method cannot be used if people or personal data are recognizable on the images. NetCo has developed a solution for this.

The AI-supported image pixelation from NetCo

As soon as persons or other personal data are identifiable on a image are identifiable, they must be obscured by appropriate measures in accordance with the regulations of the European Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. NetCo has created a unique approach to the concealment of people created. An algorithm supported by artificial intelligence searches through the contents of the single image created and evaluates them. This way, only identifiable people are made unrecognizable. The same applies to vehicles: construction site vehicles are still visible, and cars can also be obscured.

Advantage of this intelligent method:

The essential elements in the image are retained and the basic data protection regulation is still complied with. The original image is deleted directly after anonymization, so personal data is not stored.

Original image unedited
Anonymisiertes Baukamerabild DSGVO konform
Anonymized image DSGVO compliant

In addition to the technical solutions, NetCo also delivers the contract-relevant documents and information signs to the construction site.

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