Body-Cam - Technology MADE IN GERMANY

Your development partner - individual & sustainable Body- cam production

NetCo develops, produces and distributes the NetCo Body-Cam and other accessories. As an "All in One" provider, we are the right contact for all questions regarding the "Body-Cam" and offer you customised solutions for your individual requirements. 

There are no standard products with us - we develop your Body-Cam according to your individual requirements and do not disregard your workflows during production. Our customer service works closely with you so that we can deliver exactly the product you have in mind.

We are also concerned with the issue of sustainability:
With the NetCo Body-Cam, each individual part can be replaced. Thus, the components can be reused as often as necessary until the wear limit or electronic obsolescence has been reached.

Body-Cam Produktion "made in Germany"

Added value in practice

Polizist -Piktogramm

More protection for the
security staff

Deeskalation & Konfliktbewältigung -Piktogramm

Deescalation &
Conflict management

Abschreckung von potentiellen Straftätern - Piktogramm
Abschre­ckung von poten­ti­el­len Straftätern
Body-Cam Täterermittlung - Piktogramm

Evidence videos &
Identification of criminals

Versions of the NetCo Body-Cam

Record - the standard version 

The Body-Cam Record records video, audio and individual images from a person's perspective while moving and stores this information permanently. It records in HD (up to 1080p) at up to 25 frames per second. The body cam has an illuminated, front-facing 2.8 inch touch display that has proven its effectiveness for conflict management in the field. The pre-recording mode ensures a complete recording of all possible incidents. The lightweight but robust housing meets the IP65 standard for protection against dust and water damage and allows the body-cam to be used in temperatures ranging from -15°C to +50°C. The housing also contains an LED light that can illuminate an area of approx. 4 m. The rechargeable battery allows up to 13 hours of operation in standby mode or up to 8 hours in recording mode.

Data transfer and playback

Die Auf­nah­men wer­den lokal auf einer wech­sel­ba­ren microSD-Kar­te (mit bis zu 128 GB Spei­cher­ka­pa­zi­tät) gespei­chert, die 17 Stun­den Auf­nah­me­zeit mit bis zu 1080p/25fps ermög­licht. Die Wie­der­ga­be erfolgt durch siche­re Soft­ware Manage­ment­soft­ware (256 Bit Ver­schlüs­se­lung), wobei die Body-Cam zur siche­ren Über­tra­gung und Spei­che­rung der Auf­nah­men via USB oder WLAN an Lap­tops oder PCs oder an unse­re Docking­sta­ti­on ange­schlos­sen wer­den kann. Die Docking­sta­ti­on fun­giert zusätz­lich als Lade­sta­ti­on, wodurch die Not­wen­dig­keit ver­schie­de­ner Adap­ter entfällt.

Für die Ver­wal­tung der Video­be­weis­da­ten ste­hen ver­schie­de­ne Soft­ware­lö­sun­gen  bereit, die für eine Viel­zahl von mög­li­chen Ein­satz­zwe­cken ent­wi­ckelt wur­den und an den Umfang und die kon­kre­ten Ein­satz­an­for­de­run­gen ange­passt wer­den kön­nen. Mehr dazu erfah­ren Sie here.

Connect - Live Streaming with the Body-Cam

This version also makes it possible to transmit recordings from the location of the event via live stream directly to your team via a cloud - quite simply via LTE or WLAN. It is also possible to stream to the NetCo Suite (Admin Client) or to an external player (e.g. VLC Player).

As protection against data misuse, the stream contains a watermark per frame with UserID, camera serial number, date and time.

There are numerous possible applications for a live stream. We have put together a few case studies for you:

Features of the NetCo Body-Cam

Aufbau der NetCo Body-Cam

Equipment for the Body-Cam

Individual holders

The NetCo Body-Cam can be attached to the mounting systems of well-known suppliers (Klick-Fast by Peter Jones, German-Fire-Tech, Go-Pro). On request, we can design mounts that are tailored to your needs - optionally with tabs, clamps, magnets or Velcro. An additional flap field for information/name plates can also be integrated.

Halterungen Body-Cam von beiden Seiten
Body-Cam holder with information/name plate

Remote activation mechanism

The optional remote activation function of the NetCo Body-Cam was developed from a customer request. What is made possible by this?! If a wearer of the body cam draws an object (e.g. pistol, baton or taser), a recording is automatically started. This means that in the event of dangerous incidents, the user can concentrate fully on the current situation.

Docking station in various sizes

Robust docking station enables charging of the Body-Cams. At the same time, plugging into the docking station automatically transfers the recorded images and videos to the management system. There is no need for failure-prone sockets for a cable connection to the management system or access to SIM cards or storage media by opening flaps on the housing. The management system supports the authorised operator through various search functions. 
Dockingstation der NetCo Body-Cam
The Docking-Station of the NetCo Body-Cam