Body-Cam — Tech­no­lo­gy MADE IN GERMANY

Your deve­lo­p­ment part­ner — indi­vi­du­al & sus­tainab­le Body- cam production

Net­Co ent­wi­ckelt, pro­du­ziert und ver­treibt die Net­Co Body-Cam sowie wei­te­res Zube­hör. Als „All in One“-Anbieter sind wir der rich­ti­ge Ansprech­part­ner bei allen Fra­gen rund um das  The­ma „Body-Cam“ und bie­ten Ihnen zuge­schnit­te­ne Lösun­gen für Ihre indi­vi­du­el­len Anforderungen. 

Bei uns gibt es kei­ne Stan­dard­ware – wir ent­wi­ckeln Ihre Body-Cam nach Ihren indi­vi­du­el­len Anfor­de­run­gen und las­sen bei der Pro­duk­ti­on Ihre Arbeits­ab­läu­fe auch nicht außer Acht. Unser Kun­den­ser­vice arbei­tet eng mit Ihnen zusam­men, damit wir Ihnen genau das Pro­dukt lie­fern kön­nen, das Sie sich vorstellen.

We are also con­cer­ned with the issue of sus­taina­bi­li­ty:
With the Net­Co Body-Cam, each indi­vi­du­al part can be repla­ced. Thus, the com­pon­ents can be reu­sed as often as necessa­ry until the wear limit or elec­tro­nic obso­le­scence has been reached.

Body-Cam Produktion "made in Germany"

Added value in practice

Polizist -Piktogramm

More pro­tec­tion for the
secu­ri­ty personnel

Deeskalation & Konfliktbewältigung -Piktogramm

Deesca­la­ti­on &
Con­flict Management

Abschreckung von potentiellen Straftätern - Piktogramm
Deter­rence of
poten­ti­al offenders.
Body-Cam Täterermittlung - Piktogramm

Evi­dence vide­os &
Iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of offenders.

Ver­si­ons of the Net­Co Body-Cam

Record — the stan­dard version 

The Body-Cam Record records video, audio and indi­vi­du­al images from a person’s per­spec­ti­ve while moving and stores this infor­ma­ti­on per­ma­nent­ly. It records in HD (up to 1080p) at up to 25 frames per second. The body cam has an illu­mi­na­ted, front-facing 2.8 inch touch dis­play that has pro­ven its effec­ti­ve­ness for con­flict manage­ment in the field. The pre-record­ing mode ensu­res a com­ple­te record­ing of all pos­si­ble inci­dents. The light­weight but robust housing meets the IP65 stan­dard for pro­tec­tion against dust and water dama­ge and allows the body-cam to be used in tem­pe­ra­tures ran­ging from ‑15°C to +50°C. The housing also con­tains an LED light that can illu­mi­na­te an area of approx. 4 m. The rech­ar­ge­ab­le bat­te­ry allows up to 13 hours of ope­ra­ti­on in stand­by mode or up to 8 hours in record­ing mode.

Data trans­fer and playback

Record­ings are stored local­ly on a remova­ble microSD card (with up to 128 GB sto­rage capa­ci­ty), which allows 17 hours of record­ing time at up to 1080p/25fps. Play­back is through secu­re soft­ware manage­ment soft­ware (256-bit encryp­ti­on), and the body cam can be con­nec­ted to lap­tops or PCs via USB or WLAN or to our docking sta­ti­on for secu­re trans­fer and sto­rage of record­ings. The docking sta­ti­on also acts as a char­ging sta­ti­on, eli­mi­na­ting the need for various adapters.

Various soft­ware solu­ti­ons are avail­ab­le for mana­ging video evi­dence data, which have been deve­lo­ped for a wide ran­ge of pos­si­ble uses and can be adap­ted to the scope and spe­ci­fic deploy­ment requi­re­ments. Learn more here.

Con­nect — Live Strea­ming with the Body-Cam

This ver­si­on also makes it pos­si­ble to trans­mit record­ings from the loca­ti­on of the event via live stream direct­ly to your team via a cloud — qui­te sim­ply via LTE or WLAN. It is also pos­si­ble to stream to the Net­Co Suite (Admin Cli­ent) or to an exter­nal play­er (e.g. VLC Player).

As pro­tec­tion against data misu­se, the stream con­tains a water­mark per frame with User­ID, came­ra seri­al num­ber, date and time.

The­re are nume­rous pos­si­ble app­li­ca­ti­ons for a live stream. We have put tog­e­ther a few case stu­dies for you:

Fea­tures of the Net­Co Body-Cam

Aufbau der NetCo Body-Cam

Equip­ment for the Body-Cam

Indi­vi­du­al brackets

Die Net­Co Body-Cam lässt sich an den Hal­te­rungs­sys­te­men der bekann­ten Anbie­ter (Klick-Fast von Peter Jones, Ger­man-Fire-Tech, Go-Pro) anbrin­gen. Auf Wunsch kon­stru­ie­ren wir Hal­te­run­gen, die auf Ihre Bedürf­nis­se abge­stimmt sind – wahl­wei­se mit Laschen, Klem­men, Magne­ten oder Klett. Auch ein zusätz­li­ches Flausch­feld für Hin­weis-/Na­mens­schil­der kann inte­griert werden.

Halterungen Body-Cam von beiden Seiten
Body cam mount with notice/name plate

Remo­te acti­va­ti­on mechanism

The optio­nal remo­te acti­va­ti­on func­tion of the Net­Co Body-Cam was deve­lo­ped from a cus­to­mer request. What is made pos­si­ble by this?! If a wea­rer of the body cam draws an object (e.g. pis­tol, baton or taser), a record­ing is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly star­ted. This means that in the event of dan­ge­rous inci­dents, the user can con­cen­tra­te ful­ly on the cur­rent situation.

Docking sta­ti­on in various sizes

Robust docking sta­ti­on enab­les char­ging of the Body-Cams. At the same time, plug­ging into the docking sta­ti­on auto­ma­ti­cal­ly trans­fers the recor­ded images and vide­os to the manage­ment sys­tem. The­re is no need for fail­u­re-pro­ne sockets for a cable con­nec­tion to the manage­ment sys­tem or access to SIM cards or sto­rage media by ope­ning flaps on the housing. The manage­ment sys­tem sup­ports the aut­ho­ri­sed ope­ra­tor through various search functions. 
Dockingstation der NetCo Body-Cam
Net­Co Body Cam Docking Station