The soft­ware — Net­Co Suite

Damit Body-Cam Ein­stel­lun­gen ver­wal­tet und Auf­nah­men daten­schutz­kon­form gesich­tet wer­den kön­nen, haben wir die Soft­ware­lö­sung Net­Co Suite ent­wi­ckelt. Die bereit­ge­stell­te Body-Cam Soft­ware hat das Ziel die all­täg­li­che Nut­zung mög­lichst ein­fach zu gestalten.

soft­ware solution

Piktogramm Glühbirne mit Zahnrad als Symbol für individuelle Body-Cam Lösungen

Tailor-made solu­ti­on for your indi­vi­du­al requi­re­ments: We cus­to­mi­se Net­Co Suite ent­i­re­ly accord­ing to your wishes!

User friend­ly &
easy to use

Einfache Software Bedienung

The Net­Co Suite was deve­lo­ped to be intui­ti­ve to use. If requi­red, we will be hap­py to train you in the use of the Body-Cam software.

Secu­re inte­gra­ti­on into your net­work in accordance with GDPR

Piktogramm datenschutzkonforme Body-Cam

We inte­gra­te the Net­Co Suite secu­re­ly and GDPR-com­pli­ant into your exis­ting infra­st­ruc­tu­re and also sup­port you after­wards in the event of tech­ni­cal problems.

The soft­ware demo ver­si­on — Test it now!

Get to know our Net­Co Suite easi­ly in our demo ver­si­on. To do so, click on the but­ton below and log in with the log­in data provided. 
NetCo Bodycam Management-Software

We offer data protection

As soon as the body cam is char­ged in the Smart­Hub, the body cam data is encryp­ted and trans­fer­red via WLAN, LTE, USB or Blue­tooth to a ser­ver and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly remo­ved from the body cam. Modi­fi­ca­ti­ons of the image or video files by third par­ties or the wea­rer of the body cam are not pos­si­ble even after the mate­ri­al has been stored. The same app­lies to the loca­ti­on, time and iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the per­son recording.

The body-cam record­ings may only be play­ed by tho­se who have the necessa­ry admi­nis­tra­ti­on rights. If the user of the body cam does not have the­se, he or she can only trans­fer the data into the sys­tem. Down­loading files is also only pos­si­ble with a per­so­nal PIN.

Each recor­ded file has an iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on stamp. This con­tains the time iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the came­ra and a user iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on. The rights to down­load, view and export can be dis­tri­bu­t­ed to the users in any constellation.

Datenübertragung des Body-Cam Materials in die NetCo Suite
Data trans­fer of the Body-Cam mate­ri­al from the came­ra to Net­Co Suite

Net­Co Suite — com­pa­ti­ble with other body cams 

Sie haben eine Body-Cam von einem ande­ren Anbie­ter und sind mit die­ser Soft­ware­lö­sung nicht zufrie­den? Die Net­Co Suite ist auch mit ande­ren Body-Cams kom­pa­ti­bel und kann fle­xi­bel an Ihre Anfor­de­run­gen ange­passt wer­den. Am bes­ten Sie kon­tak­tie­ren unse­ren Sup­port – wir bespre­chen ger­ne mit Ihnen, wie Ihre Body-Cam in die Net­Co Suite ein­ge­bun­den wer­den kann.