The Software - NetCo Suite

To enable body-cam settings to be managed and recordings to be viewed in compliance with data protection requirements, we have developed the software solution NetCo Suite The Body-Cam software provided aims to make everyday use as simple as possible.

Individually adjustable
Software Solutions

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Tailor-made solution for your individual requirements: We customise NetCo Suite entirely according to your wishes!

User-friendly &
Easy to use

Einfache Software Bedienung

The NetCo Suite was developed to be intuitive to use. If required, we will be happy to train you in the use of the Body-Cam software.

Secure integration into your network in accordance with GDPR

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We integrate the NetCo Suite securely and GDPR-compliant into your existing infrastructure and also support you afterwards in the event of technical problems.

The software demo version - Test it now!

Get to know our NetCo Suite easily in our demo version. To do so, click on the button below and log in with the login data provided. 
NetCo Bodycam Management-Software
To use the Netco Suite demo version, you need the following access data:

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact our Sup­port.

We offer data protection

As soon as the body cam is charged in the SmartHub, the body cam data is encrypted and transferred via WLAN, LTE, USB or Bluetooth to a server and automatically removed from the body cam. Modifications of the image or video files by third parties or the wearer of the body cam are not possible even after the material has been stored. The same applies to the location, time and identification of the person recording.

The body-cam recordings may only be played by those who have the necessary administration rights. If the user of the body cam does not have these, he or she can only transfer the data into the system. Downloading files is also only possible with a personal PIN.

Each recorded file has an identification stamp. This contains the time identification of the camera and a user identification. The rights to download, view and export can be distributed to the users in any constellation.

Datenübertragung des Body-Cam Materials von der Kamera in die NetCo Suite
Data transfer of the Body-Cam material from the camera to NetCo Suite

NetCo Suite - compatible with other body cams 

You have a body cam from another provider and are not satisfied with this software solution? NetCo Suite is also compatible with other body cams and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. The best thing is to contact our support - we will be happy to discuss with you how your body cam can be integrated into NetCo Suite.