GDPR-com­pli­ant body cam use

With our sup­port, sim­ply over­co­me the data pro­tec­tion hurd­le and expe­ri­ence the bene­fits of body cam use, such as: 

DSGVO-com­pli­ant use of body cams is man­da­to­ry in order to be able to use record­ings in court. In order to make this uncom­pli­ca­ted, we pro­vi­de an over­view of the points that should be taken into account.

Polizist -Piktogramm
Abschreckung von potentiellen Straftätern - Piktogramm
Deeskalation & Konfliktbewältigung -Piktogramm
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Data pro­tec­tion measures 

DSGVO-konformer Einsatz - Checkliste
DSGVO-konformer Einsatz - Checkliste

Crea­te a GDPR-com­pli­ant ope­ra­tio­nal concept

The use of body cams is only per­mit­ted if it is car­ri­ed out on an occa­si­on-rela­ted basis for clear­ly defi­ned pur­po­ses. In order to ensu­re that they are used for the inten­ded pur­po­se, a deploy­ment con­cept must be drawn up. This should be part of a ser­vice or com­pa­ny agree­ment and inclu­de the fol­lowing points:

Advice: Details of all the points lis­ted can be found in our Gui­de to find.

All hints & tips for the intro­duc­tion of body cams

To get a detail­ed over­view of all mea­su­res for the GDPR-com­pli­ant use of body cams, you can request our gui­de for the intro­duc­tion of body cams. This also inclu­des what needs to be done from an ope­ra­tio­nal per­spec­ti­ve so that your body cam pro­ject is imple­men­ted with ease. In addi­ti­on to the gui­de, our com­pe­tent team is at your dis­po­sal. All you need to know: