Places of use of our construction site cameras

Our construction site cameras are used in countless locations throughout Germany. On the map shown here (cookies must be enabled for this) you can see the current locations of our construction site webcams:

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Insights into recordings from our construction site cameras

To give you as concrete an impression as possible of the recordings from our construction site cameras and our Construction Cloud we would like to give you some live impressions of various current projects here.

Office tower

Uni­ver­sel­le Zeit­raf­fer-Kame­ra mit ech­tem Livestream

Industrial building

Bau­stel­le im Blick vom 15m Mast

Housing construction

Time-lapse camera DSGVO-compliant

Panorama of a large construction site - DSGVO-compliant presentation

Construction site webcams with more than 180° viewing angle and static data protection option

Crane camera

Building documentation bird's eye view

Multiple perspectives

One construction site: several cameras

Tunnel View

Underground construction site

Time-lapse photography from construction site cameras

Further projects with construction site cameras

We have already successfully documented over 2,500 construction projects using construction site webcams. For this reason, we can draw on a wealth of experience. 

In the past, we have provided our services even outside the construction industry. For example, our cameras have been used by event organizers or companies in the tourism industry to capture and/or share quality footage of their projects.

Should your project be next?!