Added value of con­struc­tion site webcams

6 rea­sons for the use of con­struc­tion site cameras

The­re are many rea­sons why con­struc­tion site web­cams are used. From dis­cus­sions with our cus­to­mers, we know exact­ly whe­re con­struc­tion site web­cams crea­te added value in ever­y­day work. 

From our years of expe­ri­ence, we have brought tog­e­ther here the most important rea­sons that speak for the use of con­struc­tion site webcams:

Save time & tra­vel costs

Zeit & Fahrtkosten sparen - Piktogramm

You can save yourself hours of sit­ting in your car! With one click on Net­Co BauTV+, you can see what’s going on at your con­struc­tion site from any­whe­re in the world. This way you can keep an eye on mul­ti­ple pro­jects any­ti­me and anywhere.

Pre­ser­va­ti­on of evidence

Rechtssicherheit - Piktogramm
Detect con­struc­tion defects befo­re it’s too late! When the con­cre­te is pou­red, it can get expen­si­ve. The pho­tos of the con­struc­tion site web­cam can be easi­ly used to pre­ser­ve evi­dence and pro­vi­de secu­ri­ty in war­ran­ty issues. 

Con­struc­tion diary

Bilder für das Bautagebuch - Piktogramm
Wri­ting dai­ly con­struc­tion reports every day takes time. The record­ings of the Net­Co con­struc­tion site web­cams can help to docu­ment reports fas­ter and, abo­ve all, more mea­ning­ful­ly. And the wea­ther report comes with it! 

Occup­a­tio­nal health & safety

Arbeits- & Gesundheitsschutz - Piktogramm
If an acci­dent occurs on the con­struc­tion site, the ques­ti­on ari­ses: What was the cau­se?  The eva­lua­ti­on of the con­struc­tion site came­ra record­ings can sup­port you in your search for the cause. 


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Share your uni­que buil­ding pro­ject with your cli­en­te­le! Use the foo­ta­ge on your social media chan­nels. Inspi­re yourself and your cus­to­mers with a gre­at time-lap­se film! 

Sub­si­dies & Investment

Fördermittelnachweis - Piktogramm

Banks and capi­tal pro­vi­ders want to see that your money is well spent. Through con­struc­tion site came­ras and Net­Co BauTV+, you can pro­ve in real time whe­ther you are on schedule.