Construction site camera FAQ

The use of cameras on construction sites can raise many questions, especially if you have never had to deal with them before. The easiest way is to simply ask us!

We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions:

FAQ - Piktogramm

Construction site documentation means:

  • Observing the construction progress with one or more (usually wide-angle) cameras via the internet.
  • During the construction phase, you can quickly and easily get an update on what is happening on site.
  • Site managers in particular can keep an eye on several construction sites and save long journeys.
  • Investors and their backers see that their money is "working"
  • A construction site camera is a popular marketing tool for builders to create a time-lapse film at the end of the project, for example.

Site supervision means:

  • Builders and construction companies want to protect their construction site, especially against theft & vandalism.
  • If this happens, an alarm should be raised immediately so that the perpetrators are caught or at least disturbed.
  • Video surveillance on the construction site works according to the trapper principle or by means of virtual fences.
  • Construction site surveillance is not saving individual images at night on an unlit construction site.

Basically, one can answer this question with "Yes But...":
An important note in advance: NetCo is not allowed to give legal advice. However, NetCo deals intensively with this topic so that you as a client can use our solutions with a clear conscience.

The right location is crucial, as is the camera's field of view:

  • When using camera systems, you should always carefully check the location conditions. If you want to document the construction progress of your commercial property, the camera should only capture your property and public areas should not be visible.
  • You should make sure that the camera is positioned in such a way that people are not clearly identifiable. Of course, this cannot always be avoided.

Anonymisation of individual recordings

  • NetCo has a unique solution that automatically removes people and also vehicles from individual images so that no personal data is stored. Solution examples here!
  • Furthermore, it is possible to pixelate persons and vehicle registration plates, but not to remove them completely.
  • Buildings, public streets & squares can be made permanently unrecognisable.

Principles of the GDPR

  • A contract for commissioned data processing in accordance with Article 28 DSGVO regulates the contractual obligations in order to be able to operate the camera solution in compliance with the law. Don't panic! There are suitable templates that our staff can adapt together with you so that this contract can be concluded quickly and easily.
  • A separate document describes the technical and organisational measures NetCo has taken, as required by Article 55 of the GDPR.

Whether you rent or buy a camera depends on various factors. We will be happy to advise you here.

What is the argument for renting:

  • Outdoor camera systems for construction sites can be expensive.
  • Short project durations of less than 18 months are usually more favourable in terms of the overall price when renting.
  • With a rental, you don't have to worry about warranty & service.
  • From a commercial point of view, renting can make sense, as the costs can be written off immediately (no investment).
  • Through our rental pool, you always have access to the latest technologies and various systems.

What is the argument for renting:

  • You want to use the camera system in several successive projects.
  • Tax reasons speak in favour of a purchase - the camera can be a capital good - depreciation possible for up to 4 years.
  • You are familiar with the technology and do not need any further external support for your projects.

At NetCo you can decide who installs the system:

Self-assembly by own personnel:. "Respect who does it himself" is known from advertising. Basically, this is also the case with our camera solutions. NetCo delivers ready configured systems by DHL, which can be set up and commissioned by your own personnel. During commissioning NetCo provides support by phone or remote access.

NetCo Full Service: Often, however, camera installation sites are not accessible without additional aids, such as working platforms or ladders. Safety regulations on the construction site require that only trained personnel can take over the installation. NetCo installs nationwide or Europe-wide. If you want, you don't have to worry about anything. From the planning to the delivery of the perfect camera image NetCo takes over all services, including GDPR handling.

NetCo also does not send you external companies or subcontractors. Trained specialists come directly to you.

Answered quite simply:

The risk of theft and/or vandalism is transferred to the client when the rented item is received by the client. There are possibilities to cover such a system through your construction site insurance. This must be clarified in each individual case. The location of the system is often decisive for the risk.

There are definitely areas of application where a GoPro or Brinno camera can be useful. Of course, these products are in a completely different price category. You should think about the following questions more intensively if you are planning long-term documentation.

  1. Are my recordings stored securely?
  2. What happens to the recordings if the camera is stolen or defective?
  3. How is it guaranteed that the camera will be powered for several months/years without me having to change batteries?
  4. What happens if the camera is disconnected from the mains or does not take any pictures? Does anyone notice this?
  5. Can I access the recordings remotely during the construction phase?
  6. What if the camera's memory card is full?
  7. What about data protection requirements?
  8. Who will (reliably) take care of the camera system during the entire project?

NetCo has the right answers: Contact form

Nowadays, high-resolution usually means that the camera delivers images in the so-called Full HD resolution. Just as you know it from your television at home. These cameras have an image format of 1980*1080 pixels (1080p) and are exactly the models that are usually included in NetCo's standard offer.
Alternatively, the so-called "4K cameras" are available, which have a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, or 8 megapixels.

When it comes to analysing many details in the image, you will reach your limits with a full HD camera. Then it makes sense to think about using SLR cameras, which produce images with 24 megapixels or more.

If you want to deal more intensively with the topic of "resolution & megapixels", Wikipedia provides answers in compressed form: Link

As with photography, the location for the camera is a crucial point. When planning the offer, it is very important for us to talk to you about the building project and the camera location. Basically, the camera can be mounted almost anywhere. Construction site containers, flat roofs, construction signs or cranes are popular. If all these options are out of the question, our mobile mast solution may help. This has to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

It is always important to ask whether there is electricity nearby. If not, no problem, then a self-sufficient solar solution is the solution.

The question is somewhat subjective, but we try to give you objective reasons why NetCo is a good choice:

  1. Experience:The employees of NetCo know the market and the requirements for a camera solution: The first WebCam was installed by NetCo in 1999 on the Bocken, the highest mountain in the north. Since then, several thousand cameras have been installed, ranging from a single-family house to a Bon Jovi concert to a "Tower Onein Frankfurt have already documented almost everything.
  2. Binding: You will receive a suitable offer immediately. Individually tailored to your building project, visualised and at a bottom-line price at the beginning and also when the project is completed. There are no hidden additional costs, supplements or small print.
  3. Fast: After placing the order, the system can be installed within a few days. Shipping systems are available from stock.
  4. Flexible: A construction site always has surprises in store. The employees of NetCo are aware of this and usually always have a good idea how to successfully solve problems immediately.
  5. Expertise: NetCo has a competent team: 11 employees and one trainee work in Sales & Service for camera solutions.
  6. Quality: Behind the camera team are 15 qualified software & hardware developers who are constantly developing the products and solutions. The camera systems consist of high-quality components, tested for continuous operation.
  7. Reliable:NetCo has been operating in the market in various business areas since 1997. Many of the employees have been with the company for more than 20 years.  There is hardly any fluctuation. NetCo has always trained its own junior staff.

NetCo employees are DREAMERS, THINKERS, DOERS - we live our company motto!