GDPR-com­pli­ant con­struc­tion site documentation

Ope­ra­ting came­ras on the con­struc­tion site in com­pli­an­ce with data pro­tec­tion regu­la­ti­ons — but how?

When using came­ras for sur­veil­lan­ce and docu­men­ta­ti­on, it is impe­ra­ti­ve to obser­ve the Euro­pean Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­ti­on, GDPR for short. At the moment when per­sons or vehi­cle regis­tra­ti­on num­bers are clear­ly (!) iden­ti­fia­ble, the legal regu­la­ti­ons should be obser­ved when using came­ras and solu­ti­ons should be used that gua­ran­tee data pro­tec­tion-com­pli­ant operation.


Test the com­pa­ri­son sli­der and make the image GDPR compliant!

Check­list GDPR requi­re­ment for con­struc­tion site cameras:

Checkliste weiß

The various buil­ding blocks of the solu­ti­on packa­ge from NetCo:

Anony­mi­se persons

A com­plex (AI) algo­rithm reco­gni­zes and dis­tin­guis­hes bet­ween peop­le, cars and con­struc­tion vehi­cles. Peop­le can be made unre­co­gniz­ab­le by pixelation.

Avoid sen­si­ti­ve areas

Public pla­ces, streets or buil­dings can be sta­ti­cal­ly pixelated.

Free decisi­on about the publication

You deci­de whe­re your record­ing is publis­hed. Choo­se free­ly whe­ther you want to publish it intern­al­ly only, in your archi­ve or on a public page.