DSGVO-compliant construction site documentation

Operating cameras on the construction site in compliance with data protection regulations - but how?

When using cameras for monitoring and documentation, it is imperative to observe the European Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. At the moment when persons or license plates are clearly (!) identifiable, the legal regulations should be observed when using cameras and solutions should be used that guarantee data protection-compliant operation.


Test the comparison slider and make the image GDPR compliant!

Checklist GDPR requirement for construction site cameras:

Checkliste weiß

The components of the solution package from NetCo:

Anonymise persons

A complex (AI) algorithm recognizes and distinguishes between people, cars and construction vehicles. People can be made unrecognizable by pixelation.

Avoid sensitive areas

Public places, streets or buildings can be statically pixelated.

Free decision about the publication

You decide where your recording is published. Choose freely whether you want to publish it internally only, in your archive or on a public page.